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This can be a confusing topic. Making sure you have enough towing capacity is critical and yours, and other lives depend on it. Also, in the event that something happens but no one is injured, your insurance co can refuse pay and you could possibly be sued.

Trailer Life Towing Guide - Year by year vehicle towing guides. All of them open in a PDF. Lots of numbers and it can difficult to find your particular vehicle but worth the effort.

Some links on the Trailer Life site were broken and there's a lot to scroll through so I'm hosting all the PDF guides for each year here at RV Portal.

Camping World Towing Guide - A quick and easy towing guide. I have some doubt about how accurate the numbers are but it's a quick way to just get a general idea of a particular vehicle's towing capacity.

RV Tow Check - This went from an online tow check to now a paid app. I haven't been able to use it much mainly because it asks for a lot of information to determine towing capacity which I never seemed to have. Personally the Trailer Life Towing Guide seems sufficient to me but this one is here if you want it.

Dinghy Towing Info - Motorhome magazine - If you're running a Class A or Class C you may be interested in towing a dinghy (or "toad"). This is an online guide with info you should know about dinghy towing.

Motorhome magazine Dinghy Towing Guide - Another year by year guide listing vehicles suitable for dinghy towing. Guides open in PDFs.

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