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Kevin Sharp - Site Creator

Just a guy who loves to camp.

I grew up camping. My dad is the one who dragged my me, my mom, and two older brothers across the country, Canada, and Mexico for two weeks every year. We loved it.

We started out staying in motels but quickly switched to a pop up camper and upgradded from there. Every year it was a new (to us) trailer that got a little longer each time.

At some point I grew out of wanting to vacation with my parents but as I got out on my own, I still continued to camp - backpacking, tent camping, and car camping. Now I've got my own camper, a 2016 R-Pod, and exposing my wife to the RV lyfestyle. We're aleady looking ahead now at upgrading to a larger model. Guess I'm following my dad's lead in that. ;)

In a few years we're actually planning to do this full-time. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

See you on the road!

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