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Kevin S.- Site Creator

Just a guy who loves to camp.

I grew up camping. My dad is the one who dragged my me, my mom, and two older brothers across the country, Canada, and Mexico for a couple of weeks every year. We loved it.

We started out staying in motels but quickly switched to a pop up camper and upgradded from there. Every year it was a new (to us) trailer that got a little longer each time.

At some point I grew out of wanting to vacation with my parents but as I got out on my own, I still continued to camp - backpacking, tent camping, and car camping. Now I've got my own camper, a 2016 R-Pod, and exposing my wife to the RV lyfestyle. We're aleady looking ahead now at upgrading to a larger model. Guess I'm following my dad's lead in that. ;)

In a few years we're actually planning to do this full-time. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

See you on the road!

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